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DIY: How to make bag from shirt

hi guys so I recently cleaned out my closet for the first time in ages why do. I smell Hospice no birthday present from Megan Elle I'm not sure if this is a joke...

20 Rustic DIY Projects and Creative Ideas to Bring Warmth to Your Home

The beauty of rustic home decors is probably the fact that it relies on relatively unused or ignored attributes of a home to recreate a new unique feel to the home. While the rustic style of interior décors is mostly fit for getaway cabin décor, with our DIY projects and creative ideas and a small portion of rustic accents placed here and there you will be able to instantly transform your living space.

30 Awesome DIY Ideas to Give Life to Your Old Furniture

Just about every home has a furniture setting that complements its interior décor and chances are that the furniture would outlive most other attributes of the home such that what was once “a brand new sofa” or “a new coffee table” would turn old!

10 Rustic Diy Tree Log Ideas For Your Outdoor Spaces

Old tree log which gives a rustic look to your outdoor spaces, well you can even give a decorative look with different and unique ideas, some planter, table, fountain and many more. They have...