~ B R U N C H H O U R ~ The hype about tearoom started around December/January…


~ B R U N C H H O U R ~

The hype about tearoom started around December/January, then, it was all over my timeline multiple times a day, it seemed like the coolest spot, I needed to be there. But with the crowd always overwhelming the place, i knew I wanted an exclusive experience, hence, why I didn’t mind waiting up until April before I visit with @ayo_oje who was just as hyped as me about the space, friends that match your energy.

I was heartbroken when I didn’t find Stacey – The Pink vintage car, but a certain Pink Unicorn, excuse me? It felt like I stormed into some kindergarten playground, i asked about my dear Stacy, and they recalled that she was away for cleaning and maintenance. I had the:

Spaghetti Bolognese – N4,000; and
Oreos Milkshake – N3,500.

While Ayo had the:
Fried chicken waffles – N4,500; and Strawberry Milkshake – N3,500.

Without beating about, the presentation of my shake wasn’t mind blowing, and the taste regular to say the least. Perhaps, my expectations might have been too high. I immediately wished i had one of the tea room signature cocktails (cinnamon smash), that I got my eyes on before deciding on the contrary. I mean, I’ve had great milk shakes in the past at Spurs, although, quite decent at only N600, definitely much better.

While, the spaghetti bolognese that was served with zesty meat sauce and grated cheese was all I hoped it will be, at least i was now faced with a right decision. It was tasty and filling. Although, I couldn’t complete the meal, which was because I had had oats and sandwich just an hour before visiting. I had a good portion of the bolognese and I loved it. On the other hand, Ayo totally enjoyed his meal and only had an issue with the sauce that accompanied his fries.

1.} At brunch hour which is 12-6pm, there is a minimum required spend of N8,000.
2.} You’ll be asked to present your receipts before you’re allowed to take pictures.

On a scale of 1-10, I’ll rate my total experience a 6. And if there’s a next time, I’ll love to see Stacey, and hospitable staffs. Have you been to tea room lagos? What are your thoughts? Share your experience?👇🏾